They are the ones on a spree to loot the patients and their families so frantically that it looks like a well planned operation. Most of them are the doctors with some of the hospitals or the other besides their lucrative private practice.Markets are overflooded with money and there is no kind of any dearth of resources and much bigger a chunk of it is spent on medical front. Even a coolie doesn’t mind spending huge sums on this social upliftment on and with change in the scenario and the very spectrum providing the doctors sumptuity of hay days. I know certain doctors doing dealing with 250 patients with no weekly off charging @500/- per patient. Surprising factor is that it is on day today basis with no kind of normally permissible rebate. They play dozens of tricks to cheat and hoodwink the patients. The question is where so much money goes. It is certainly some sort of a massive scandal and the possibility of some Dawoods cant be ruled out. Image result for misuse of medical services IMAGES

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