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Image result for appeasement images and flatteryAs one in the society or say as one in the overall spectrum of the population of the country the way it is compounding by leaps and bounds touching sky limits, I do cherish the ambition of getting admired and applauded even on trivial most things by my followers lurking towards the first  available opportunity of grabbing the bonanza. I am for a look out for an opportune moment to grabImage result for appeasement images and flatterysome name in the category of some kind of a reservation -a reservation for the higher spree of jobs preferably in public undertakings without confining it merely to a singular chance but continuing to subsequent ladders doing nothing with merit but a sheer pick and choose identifying it with some reserved category to facilitate the selection as a cake walk. True, all are equal and all must be equal but there is no point in hyperbolizing it much beyond genuine proportions causing disproportionate prepositions leading to a process that throttles the very sanctity of equality. Merit is a component that determines the future of the nation that can’t be built  up by tricks and manoeuvring and any compromise on this factor just cuts the throat of endeavours on nation building. The political stalwarts prefer to close their eyes on this. Committed political heavy weights bother more for their vote bank irrespective of their ill impacts which lapse is nothing but sheerly suicidal. A third degree securing of broader gambit of votes at the cost of national image and prestige is exorbitant abuse. A nation needs more of merit which in no way is securable by manipulated tactics called reservation of jobs and the like. Let national conscience pervade to the pinnacles.Image result for appeasement images and flattery

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