Sans anxiety you are no where:

Image result for anxietyAnxiety by itself is an ailment but more than that it is a sort of psychological imbalance afflicting the person concerned in numerous modes. A medical enthusiast may give it many a names but a commoner like me would prefer to enlist it in the category of an stigma associated with derailment of certain mental faculties pertaining to thought process of an individual pertaining to his routine behavioural pattern. Mind is the steering of a vehicle that translates the directions for the sojourn and there lies the arena for further activities generating more of anxieties knowing no ends. Sans anxiety no life serves any purpose. Anxiety actually works as a ladder generating a ladder after ladder for onward journeying which task is acceded onwards by it. It has the capacity to make hell of a heaven and heaven of a hell depending on how the cycle moves. Look wise too you may look a simpleton or gorgeous in tune with how you are able to direct your anxiety with a particular image in mind.                                   

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  1. Impressive introduction sir,

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