Let’s bring back the HUMAN.

hands in the garden

It’s time that our hearts and human values dictate the direction of the world’s progression/digression, not our current political or governing systems, based on profit, greed and immorality.

Speak up if you agree. I’m fucking serious. It’s time. Share, spread the word. It’s time we put the “US” back in the Human.

Support the Hum”US” Race Movement. (not to be confused with hummus.)

We can make a difference, from personal interactions, to boycot, to influencing political strategy. It’s time for the millions of beautiful tiny voices to be heard. Am I crazy? Yes, and so?

Those of you with influence reading this, help me.. please help me in getting this going. We can do this.

At this time, the world needs a bit of crazy.

This is our power, social media. Let’s use it!!! Worst that can happen, it doesn’t work, but what if???


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