Image result for be a judge for yourselfYou consult a thousand people around you on an issue confronting you with a riddle sort of a problem landing no where for a solution and the spree continues one after the other multiples of times with all efforts and endeavours going in vain with the result that you find yourself in a lurch gasping exhausted breathes coupled with a deep frustration still with no outcome in sight. Contacting and consulting with innumerable priests and pundits in different modes of temples proves only a futile exercise leading the concerned enthusiast to succumb to a sheer nullity. Running from pillar to post his is a broken soul still devoid of anything substantial to satiate his anxiety. An invisible shadow appeared cautioning him a halt reprimanding him for his follies telling “…thou art going the wrong way. The very factor which you are searching is inbuilt in you yourself and you can very well fetch replies to your anxieties from your own self. You can’t ignore the power so divinely bestowed in you like it applies to all humans divinely. Consult your own SELF to monitor all your doings.

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