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Problems are there and so are their solutions with options or no option at all to sort them out. It so happens many a times that their solutions are handy but it gets too late before the project is physically sorted out. One gets fully drowned with jolts and obstacles and chances are there that the person so engrossed with the task succumbs to jolts one after the other with nullity as an outcome. This sort of events cycle roams rampant in most of the instances causing utter dismay. The sign of interrogation manifolds itself times and again. The courage element dwindles. The question that erupts stealthily is as to what recourse the person concerned is left with and whether there is any possibility of recovering the onslaughts. The answer in many of the cases is a sheer negative. One may talk of patience but that is a phenomenon that hardly works. Courage, patience and wait factor hardly works. One may reconcile to a limited extent but it hardly works, The ultimate truth is that what one has to succumb to the immanent will and has to occur and work. Destiny plays its role and there is none to come out with a functionable sorting out. Why try in wilderness for something that occurs as immanent will -it has to be accepted as it comes out.Image result for options icon

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