The book lacks calendar statistics as I did not keep specific records with me obviously for the reason that I could hardly spare any time out of my otherwise too hectic a schedule all the time. Moreover. there is every likelihood that necessary records may be available even in SBISA headquarters at Lucknow bulk of them was destroyed by some of my successors. A noting My Diary of 30/10/2002 goes like this:

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 : While in Lucknow day before, I was told that present incumbents in SBISA have destroyed most of most important records pertaining to the relevant period the motive obviously being to remove from sight the history making correspondence and the other documents authored by me. About 2 quintals of these papers were sold out as raddies for a petty sum Rs. 600. The miscreant didn’t bother at least as to what a colossal loss they thus caused to posterities. No limit to callousness.

In a way this book is a memory based autobiographical narrative. not so exhaustive but brief. May be the book disappoints those who are expecting large descriptions of individual bipartite talks and the other A to Z details on industrial matters with particular reference to Banking Industry but purpose of the book is certainly not to make it the size of an encyclopedia with a gigantic statistics of events for which there is Otherwise no dearth of works in the market, It is a simple narration biographically covering certain of my individual experiences concerning trade union activities and the tumults and turmoil’s I had to undergo in course of it. There are also references of certain events of adventurous nature in the book like snake as my roommate and face to face with a tiger but Instances like these symbolically represent denotations of similar character in the kind of life I had to so hazardously lead as leader. moreover, when one task of his life he has not to cosine them to business alone as there is something much more in his’ personal life to share in the context of the very subject he takes up. Any biographical work of any author after all is normally supposed to be an amalgam of his official position as well as his personal life.


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