Farooqi is the one who has been exceptionally popular in his dealing with industrial matter and has a big friend circle not only in the management but amongst members of staff too. he has two type of friendship – the one with bond sincere commitment and the other one just as a measure of sheer strategy to woo the other side. many a people fell victim to such a master stroke of his without ever knowing the artist behind. in both the kind of friendship he played his role in quite a calculatedly dexterous manner. he represents a class – management. class apart, I earnestly wish him to materialize the task of writing the book successfully.

Notwithstanding this, I still thought of writing some thing based on the situation as I saw them and experienced which idea got almost drowned but for the support extended to me by Awadhesh Pandey, himself a committed trade union leader of repute, to manage the resource himself and by mobilizing the like minded people for the project requesting me most enthusiastically not abandon the project and pursue it to a logical end instead.

The way Awadhesh Pandey has so enthusiastically taken the lead of tangible order himself and on behalf of his team coupled with large number of requisitions made to me like minded people throughout the country, I just can`t afford saying `no` and feel duty bound to undertake the Herculean task with whatever the odds. I do honor the indent, I get harnessed to the task. If I am able to succeed in the venture, major credit certainly goes to awadhesh pandey. I solicit the support and cooperation from all my friends and well wishers, particularly those who are committed to the mission.

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7 thoughts on “MUCH BEYOND HORIZON:

  1. Thanks for informing and recommending involvement. Shall follow progress and do whatever is possible from my end. Regards, Kapil

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  2. Awadhesh Pandey May 14, 2018 — 11:13 am

    परम आदरणीय
    संगठन मे एक मात्र आपही तो हमारे प्रेरणा श्रोत थे जिसके आभामंडल के प्रकाश मे हम लोग समर्पन की भावना के साथ आगे बढ्ते रहे. परंतु आज के लेख मे आपने मेरे बारे मे जो लिखा वह मेरे लिए पद्म भूषण और पद्म श्री पुरस्कार से भी बडा था . बार बार प्रणाम आपको हजार बार प्रणाम आपको.


  3. Yours is not merely a comment but full fledged a write up worth a thousand thanks. You are a real companion in need, I am proud of you.


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