Convictionally I am for being honest to my writings but it means self praise very often and talking adverse for many. I was highly hesitant on this count and thought of refraining myself from writing any thing but pressure from the requisitionists mounted and I had to yield to it. Reconciling, I had to come out with necessary writeups, hence this book. In this very context I had written a post in one of my blogs which is reproduced on the following pages:

Writing on any thing is too cubersome a task, more so on subjects like Banking and the workforce involved thereat.Cursorily and at times seriously too I have been writing volumes as a free lancer with my writings published globally online. There has been quite an amount of pressure to write some book on my experiments and experiences while serving in Banking specifically in the context of my role as an apex level trade union leader with national and international coverage on workforce angle. The indents so pressurised however couldn’t go beyond a bald requisition sans any tangible functionality. Obviously I ws just unable to harness myself to such a project as my overdraft limit with the Bank already stood too sqeesed in till then maintainig my office with no support from any quarter. Convinced. Convinced fully that it was worth and the need too to work on this project, my incapacitation resource wise stood in the way.



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