Government sponsored festivities on next Holi:

Yes, as announced by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Adity Nath Yogi, the next Holi has to be celebrated at a grand scale at Mathura/ Brindaban sponsored by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. There are already murmurs in different quarters for and against the move and the possibilities of  a repeat what is happening in Rajasthan can’t be ruled out. Leaders  of different political parties are greesing their palms against one another.


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3 thoughts on “Government sponsored festivities on next Holi:

  1. Religion and caste politics may be avoided

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  2. The job of the government is that of a facilitator and not getting involved in it. In any activity – be it business enterprise, religion or anything else other than infrastructure development, the involvement of state always creates uneven platform, breeds ineptness, makes avoidable mess of all sorts including disrespect for established norms and practices. May be not being that successful in providing any meaningful performance on governance, they are trying to resort to ways which are emotive and demonstrative. God bless these ‘actors’!


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