A falling tree!

Fuji Volcano, Japan Cherry BlossomAn old tree dried and injured having marks of age exhausted on the borders lurking downwords towards earth counting its days with a decay overpowering the surviving strength of it is all set calling it a day to this world like people do summing their life span to what is called the inevitable, the last journey. Be it an object of a person live or the one that is non live like trees or any other lives, survival or decay both apply in the same measure. One life one death.


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7 thoughts on “A falling tree!

  1. Great Picture with great thought. Hindu mythology is unmatched and Truth of Life. Despite the lot of attacks in past as well present also whole of the world who survives after world war3 will be compelled yo follow it. We are active by three indriys Man, Vachan and Karma. First we think then we utter ourselves and others and then we work it. First we reap thoughts then we grow with work and when we repeat work it become our character. So we have to change evils till the level of work because it can not be changed when transformed into character. Only the Character goes with us after our death and nothing else. Thank a you Sir.


    1. My sinceremost thanks for so nice a feedback.


  2. It is the same that has sheltered many more of sunny sun, exhausted it’s oxygen to make survive many more, it is not old, it is not dried, but for the time, we have changed our vision. The same one carried out ” One Life One Mission ” and others also carry their ” One Life One Mission”.


    1. My sincere thanks.So meaningful a feedback.


    2. So nice and meaningful a feedbak. My sincere thanks.


    3. An intelligent a feedback. My sincere thanks.


  3. Nice description.


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