What led Lord Buddha to enlightenment?

Lord-Budha.jpgImage result for amrapali>(Photograph is symbolic)


Mahatma Buddha was sitting beneath a tree on the bank of Niranjana river. disgusted and exhausted as he was because of the frustration that he was still unable to attain Nirvan, the goal with which he started his long journey.Physically he was a wreck and almost half dead but still in Samaadhi mudra. Some newly married girl named Sujata was on fast with a manauti that if blessed with a male child she would offer kheer to the tree. She was blessed with a male child and she proceeded to the tree with a full fledged group of other women from the village. They were shocked to see a frail human body in samaadhi posture and thought it was the Deity to whom the manauti had to be offered. She did and felt bewildered to find that the Deity opened its eyes. Sujata offered him kheer. Sujata and other women in the group were singing a bhajan sort of song which rang into the ears of the Deity. Original song is supposed to be in Poly language but it briefly translates like this in Hindi:

Veena ke taron ko itna mat khheencho ki woh toot hi jayen

(Don’t twist and strain the wires of the flute so much for the tuning that they break ultimately and every thing flops)

Lord Buddha took it for himself and made up his mind not to  overstrain his mental faculties as  if life itselt is no more where is the question to pursue the mission. This in turn made Buddha the Lord Buddha






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2 thoughts on “What led Lord Buddha to enlightenment?

  1. Devaraj Panigrahi October 15, 2017 — 9:25 pm

    A nice analysis & illustration.sir thanks.


  2. Dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com October 16, 2017 — 3:34 am



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