Trivialities too matter!

There is nothing big or small, what really matters with the circumferance is the type of life one survives in competition with other fellow  being. Left to themselves an ant is as important as an elephant and a monkey or a tiger is as important to themselves so far as the life is concerned. Nothing is negligible so far as their survival is concerned. Survival of the fittest theory applies to all and is as old as the planet earth and it has capacity to make the life  of an elephant once she is able to enter inside its trunk. Humans are proud of being human but that is the case of all live beings.Humans boast of their superiority but that is confined to themselves again without others taking any notice of it. On intelligence factor too all the beings are the same and this phenomenon, as we see it from human angle, should recognizably has to understand with cohesion.
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3 thoughts on “Trivialities too matter!

  1. Devaraj Panigrahi October 8, 2017 — 9:00 pm

    Fantastic all praises. Thanks.


  2. This article was proved by Ramayan Kaal, where Monkey Bear were paid respect by Lord Rama. Lord Rama took advice from them. They was no difference between Monkey and Bear, Man and Animal, Poor and Rich, Small and Big. But these days a man shows his importance before others. Therefore this article give a message to us to love everybody, either they are human or animals.


  3. Respected Sir, This article was fully approved by Ramayan Kaal where monkey and bear were paid respect by Lord Rama. Lord Rama took advice from them to win the struggle against Ravana. There were no difference between bear and monkey, man and animal, small and big, poor and rich. Therefore this article give a good message to us to love everybody either they are man or animals.


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