Share market -thorny ups and downs:

Just a game, or say a gamble or a sophiscated race with tricks and wits, share market is a match between money enthusiasts and their competitors in the field -some winning and some losing. This has been continuing like this for the last  several decades. Originally it was called Satta Bazaar  and the oldies still prefer to call it as such. Whatever the name the market is able to benefit lot of people and in the same measure there are thousands of people who go a  pauper and they not only lose their own invested amount of money they also have to borrow money to pay for the overdues on account of loss. Jua as it was called earlier is still there in several parts of the country and is a great social evil warranting to be immediately arrested by the Government of India.Image result for stock market


What else could be more demeaning?

Fenced In Mansion -HFFPolitics is the last resort of scoundrels, said Charles Lamb and it looks like going on in the gallery talks. Do something and deny the same thing in your next breath and that is how politics is nurtured. The whole country is engrossed only this way. Politicians are free birds and they have the tricks to play their manoevres in the galleries of their hoodlums. More the nonsense more   the success. This they say is supposed to succeed and win. This is how they proceed, this is how they succeed of course at the cost of the people of the country.

Art of living -a view

Image result for art of livingThere are several organisations delivering art of living programmes on identical lines. Aasanas and mudras are the same every where slightly varying from platform to platform devolving  different modus operandi from programme to programme with the sole purpose of eliciting peace, health and fitness which are quite in vogue in YOGA. There can’t be two opinions on the therapy utilisation  on bumper scale people are able to secure. Some people ask as to how this applies in relation to sex. It does in the same measure as other areas forming any part of the body as no therapy functions with any kind of prejudice. If you feel mentally at ease, this feel operates in the whole body  and not only brain.



Diwali that unites:

unity.jpgCelebrations with music, lightings and funfare are here, there and all around decorating the shops and houses even hawkers finishing their Thhelas so colourfully to sumptuously attract their customers.Deepawali is actually celebrated as of goddess Lakahmi, the goddess of money and wealth and for that reason they have  more of enthusiasm in celebration of it. It’s day or night lights are glitering althrough 24 hours. Difficult to draw any difference between day and night.Think of those who fail to afford even slightest of the grandeur because of no resource. The rich and welthy owe a thought to remember the poor. PB Shelley thought of  them in the following lines of his –

“Smiling they live and call life  pleasure -To me that cup has been dealt in snother measure”