Yoga discipline:

Image result for yoga posesYoga is neither an arcobatics nor aimed at wrestling, nor even a muscle building exercise; it is a sublime form that lays more emphasis on fitness both mentally and physically energising the whole body system cleansing the interior organs. In fact access to  the goal is more feasibly possible by driving mental faculties to the total nerves with caressing them smoothly. This elicits a better response from brain and the very crux of it through medulae oblongata, the very source of energy with the most needed warmth to the whole body system. There are hundreds of populsr asnaas practised and taught by Yoga Gurus but practically it is possible only for a small number of people but novice ones find it not feasible with the exception. There is an alternative to this.A person can do it by mixing it up with daily routine. You need to include it by adopting Yoga while taking your breakfast, lunch, dinner  How you sleep, which type of mattres you use, what are your movements and how you travel. I saw large number of people in Hongkong droppin their car in the  midway and travel the remaining distance on foot. This is most convenient an area from fitness point of view. There are various methods one can adopt as an alternative to rigorous mode easily practising by healthfully pick up such schedule that support your system.

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3 thoughts on “Yoga discipline:

  1. Respected Sir,
    A very good article related to Yoga given by you is very important for everybody to make it’s pleasant life. Sir , I do Yoga daily .



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  2. Respected Sir.
    when I see your comment in the context of my comment ,Sir,I do not read your comment but I feel that I am hearing you with the then members of union sitting on the chairs before you. Sir it’s my feeling.


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