Dating in romance?

Image result for datingIt dates back to ancient times and the culture on this front has already blossomed to pinacle after Adam and Eve arrived on earth or say, as quoted by Jaishankar Prasad in his Kamayani, Manu and Shraddha.That day onwards the phenomenon has travelled in much larger a measure and the current generation of humanity is fondly enjoying it cosily and with much greater an enthusiasm and anxiety.No body can evisage as to what shape it would acquire in days to come. Rahul Sankrityayan describes in his masterpiece Volga to Ganga an instance narrating that an young man requisitioning sex to a woman who responds “…Look, only yesterday I had it with another man and have agreed for today also to sleep with some body else. You can take the chance after a few days from now”. With media so active on this front, today that sort of modus operandi so much in vogue, there is nothing left to be resorted to in relation to romance and sex. The moment you open your laptop, you get face to face to a  mammoth crowd of aspirants seeking love and sex and your email is flooded with such naked and nude propositions and one cannot afford even a sort out at the cost of your otherwise the genuine mails warranting your attention to the work related issues. If the scenario in the offing improves further, it is a sheer abuse of the culture likely to hamper India’s cultural heritage.

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