leaders that mislead?

Image result for misleading leadershipLeaders who are supposed to lead instead if they mislead they are not the leaders and the very characteractic of the leading role is lost. If they are honest to themselves, they are supposed to remain committed to the cause of the people they represent as against politicians who are always hankering to grind their axe at the first available opportunity ignoring the very cause for which they are there. The personalty in the background too is too important. I happened to be the Chief Guest in a conference aimed at promoting anti smoking campaign where another leader, a leftist of prominence, was also present and the fellow happened to be a chain smoker chewing an imported brand of cigar like a chockolette all the time even during his otherwise a lengthy speech advocating no smoking in any form. The crowd laughed and started making faces as a gesture of ridicule. Such is not a solitary instance as there are many to quote. On the routine front too there are  many claiming to be the leaders of their union but every time there are queries and questions as from the gathering they lack the requisite details to explain the anomalies. This is a common feature in the case of unions in State Bank of India where the enthusiasts from the membership go back disgruntled and disappointed in the absence of a well interpreted questions and answers session. The workforce always, and rightly so, hankers for correct informations with latest data available for the purpose and not the leaders looking right and left in the absence of the relevant answers. If you are honest to the task assigned to you, do it properly otherwise quit is the option.

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2 thoughts on “leaders that mislead?

  1. With respect i salute u what u suggested actually right if as a leader u r not aware the recent developments regarding the surroundings of the ur union or for the welfare or cause of the menber no any rights says to remain in the union but sir u know it very well looser persons or can say chmchas r in the union leader now days so what can we expect those fellows who has only one qualities to buttering or polishing the big leaders to become estasblish or move towards a big leder




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