Suffer as they do from a sheer malice:

Image result for boss with malice and prejudiceThere are no Rajaas and Mahrajaas as a ruling breed now but there are big  bullies as business lords overtaking them as a further community to beat them miles behind in the matters of routine work particularly while dealing with their juniors in the undertaking or even their customers with malice, bias and prejudices unmindful of the factor that this draconion propensity is bound to adversely affect their own business, means their own selfish interest. They unequvivocally pressurise their cusomers for all payments including cartage in advance besides interest if there  is delay in payment even beyond a few hours. Their total modus operandi exclusively is aimed at their own self interest without the least care for the customers. Their response to the queries raised by their clients is blunt and curt  smacking of arrogance and hardly based on a logical reasoning. Be it media giants like Googles, WordPress or even Microsoft, behaviourly they are all the same. I am a blogger/journalist and many a times I feel like getting rid of them, fedup and badly aggrieved as I often feel as their customer. Share broker giants are the ones not an inch lagging behind in exploiting their customers to the last naya paisa squeezing their blood drop by drop. Only tricky fellows may find it compatible to deal with them paying them back in their own coins.



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3 thoughts on “Suffer as they do from a sheer malice:

  1. True there are no Rajas and mantris,but there are all powerful class (in cluding murdering of innocent people who raise their voice against them) called politicians,corporates,and IAS/IPS poer centers.


  2. Rajaas and Maharajaas, instead of being individuals, are but an institution who form the upper echelon of society. Similarly, present day corporate houses and other powers that be are no different and they are only a class who represent the ownership of resources and other manufacturing activities. From times immemorial, class has been a reality and so the vices attached to it; it is nothing new. We take pride in naming all virtuous yugas preceding Kaliyuga but the fact remains that in ancient virtuous times human folk were sold and purchased like other livestock. King Harishchandra is an oft quoted example in this regard. The very concept of leftist ideology which categorized society along class lines and propagated for a class less one, ideal situation being ‘withering away of the state’, factually ended up with more of class and state than what capitalists had or have. Actually, it is only value which is paramount. In our country, Tatas command more respect than many other bigger corporate houses only because of their so called value based conduct. The class and exploitation is not limited to owners of resources or enterprise and politicians and bureaucrats only, it is equally true in case of many other areas, trade unions included, where any approach by ordinary members, albeit with logica, is taken by bosses with disdain because bosses, as long as they are so, are blessed with superior brain and any logic advanced by ordinary mortals is but a contempt as it has the semblance of questing the wisdom of bosses. The system, as some rebel classes in our society say, protects the haves, the exploiters and it is not that untrue either. It is only a chance as to who is in what position on any given occasion. The concept of ‘elite’ is virtually universal. One can only try and wait to become ‘elite’.

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