SBI -Chaotic working conditions:

Image result for chaotic working conditions in state bank of indiaThe premier banking organisation in the country State Bank of India has no  more a good health suffer as it does from many an anomalies on operation front and popularity amongst workforce itself and also the banking public, more so in its offices abroad. No any business organisation can afford flourishing if it is sans goodwill of the people in general and the working personnel in particular. Staff is deprived of any incentive for the last several years that counts and the issues like pensionary benefits including that of an improved pension to the retirees which is pending for a long time in different courts of Law and bilateral tiers. The honest handling of transactional virtue too is suffering from a colossal parameter and the dealings are no more above board. Commision aspect is talk of the town in all places with fishy deals. StImage result for chaotic working conditions in state bank of indiaaff shortage is a curse that has overgulped the avenues of a better service to the customers. Looks like this once called a giant bank of global significance is reduced to the status of a pigmy money lender. In the process the dignity of labour too is miserably lost. Working hours for all categories of the personnel which were brought into effect after several trade union leaders had to lay down their life to fetch this demand are badly mutilated forcing again an unlimited sort of working hours at all administrative offices and the branches. There is no replacement on retirements and deaths and the staff strength is getting reduced day by day with the result that the residual employees are overburdened with huge workload which again adversely affects the requisite attention to the important customers. If ‘it is never too late to mend’ is the adage, it is high time for the top management of the Bank to mend their overall modus operandi to repair and rejuvenate the system and style of working.


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5 thoughts on “SBI -Chaotic working conditions:

  1. What nice & factual analysis,sir.will this rejuvenate the mind of top management personal to give a direction for improvement! I hope so! Thanks

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  2. Sir, This article is an important for the top management to rejuvenate the system and style to reach on the top where we were in past . But Sir, not only working class we also feel boredom when we go to Bank to operate our account .


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