May Day martyrs -Forget them not?

Only a few months back the 1st May was observed all over the world as Labour Day, ofcourse at many a places just merely as a routine ritual unmindful of its virtual significance and the cruelmost horrific death of 4 stalwarts of the movement preceded by 6 others. The protestants included a large number of women and all of them led the movement demanding fixed working hours for the workforce to not more than 8 hours a day as against the unlimited working hours a day exactly the way the callous practice was obtaining in India by the then ruling East India Company in the country. The incident is more elaborately covered by V Ganesan, himself a legendary trade union leader of STATE BANKS’ STAFF UNION, THE THEN MADRAS CIRCLE in his book MOMENTOUS MOVEMENT which book is a must read book for those who belong to bank employees unions particularly those in State Bank of India.

The movement turned to a massacre with the different managements in a total connivance of the Government and as a final outcome of their furry against the employees there were the manifold victimisations further let loose to include assault and killings. The 4 top leaders who prominently in the light were pronounced as the main accused and awarded death sentence. They might have been spared if they sought pardon but they refused to budge an inch, they rather accepted the death penalty instead and were hanged. These champions of the movement besides several others were –

1   ALFRED PARSANS      HANGED      11-11-1887

2   AUGUST SPICE            HANGED       11-11-1887

3   ADOLF PISHER           HANGED       11-11-1887

4   GEORGE ENGEL          HANGED       11-11-1887

They are no more with the workforce in the world as a whole but the very fact that the mission for which they had to embrace death is alive much enough for some cause or the other. The current generation, more so the union leaders, are addicted to comforts, laxity in work and lot many other facilities with a cozy most environment and there is hardly any visible movement in sight but if they forget the past and sacrifices made by their predecessor generations, they lose their present too and if they lose the present, they lose their very base and existence. If nothing, they ARE NOT TO FORGET THE PAST AND THE SACRIFICES made by their predecessor generations failing which they are bound to suffer from inevitable disaster.

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3 thoughts on “May Day martyrs -Forget them not?

  1. The prevailing scenario in banking industry, at least for supervising cadre, is no different as they do not have fixed or defined working hours, have to sign, more than often, on the dotted lines, prepare drafts and documents as wished and desired by the bosses and attend the office on Sundays and other holidays. The conditions of Associations who are supposed to safeguard the rights of membership, can be gauged from the fact that office bearers are themselves dutifully submitting to the wishes of bosses and shamelessly defending the management in the hollowed guise of interest of the institution! Leftists who are supposed to be champions of workers’ rights, are enjoying the cosy environment; of course, at gatherings they lose no stone of words to denounce the management and exploitation. In the morally and financially corrupt Indian system one can hardly expect anything better.

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    1. आदणीय पांडेय जी
      आप द्वारा प्रस्तुत लेख जो न केवल बैंकिंग के कार्य क्रम से सम्बंधित है बल्कि संगठ्नात्मक गतिबिधियो का सटीक चित्रण भी है ,की पक्षपात रहित अभिव्यक्ति के लिए जितनी भी प्रशंशा की जाय कम है. अतीत की कहाँनी अब अगर आजकल के लोगो को सुनाई जाय तो कोई विश्वास ही करेगा .. इसी तरह का लेख अवश्य लिखते रहे ताकी लोग अतीत के इतिहास से परिचित होते रहे. नमस्कार.


  2. Appropriately said in a well meant measure. My sinceremost thanks with love and affection. Continuity of the chain and sequence picking up the very root of the topic is encouraging with a sound boost up. Greetings.


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