A potential war -hazards:

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War is a factor that can’t be ruled out any where in any part of the globe any time even in the apparent absence of any symptoms in the direction as this is how the world has lived for millions of a century -those who won the battle became Raja or Maharaja and the ones who lost had to live as a praja (public) with cycle running in the same measure till date in all continents and countries even whenever it was strategically warranted new country or countries were created to accommodate the gymnasts in politics. History is the witness with examples being that of Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are already undercurrents for more of the regions or countries currently in a subdued tenor when the global scenario is viewed as such. A war, if it so occurs anywhere in any region of the world, may result into what a ghastly scenario and havoc can well be imagined by any one with the index of history and viewed from that angle none could really be for it as with the present day nuclear war equipments available almost everywhere it has to be turned to a Dooms Day with a total devastation of the  mankind on earth. Mercenaries apart, any one would hardly ever opt for it

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  1. War has been a barometer for scaling or judging the greatness or otherwise of the breed named rulers who may be called kings or whatever namesake that may be, used in any particular geographic location or cultural dispensation. In earlier days when the prevalent political system used to be other than the present form of democracy and the expanding of one’s empire was considered to be a pious and noble act, wars were too often an activity. Greatness was achieved by winning of wars only. In Indian context, kings used to resort to ‘Digvijaya’ and conduct ‘Ashwamedh’ or ‘Rajsuya’ yagnas after successful completion of the campaign. Even lord Ram and Pandavas did this. But one thing is also equally true. All empires have broken down and the victorious kings or their successors have made way for others in due course. In the present day system which is a bit more organized and institutionalized, the probability of war is not that personalized. Except for fascists and those who want to establish political system based on religious orientations viz. theological state(s), the war is not that preferred option. To this one can make exception of China (Peoples’ Republic of China) who still has expansionist orientation and thanks to enormous economic and military might it has amassed by refusing to tread along western styled democracy and having its own policy of authoritarianism and thereby successfully implementing the policies which they, at times, framed for their advancement which otherwise could not have been successfully implemented in a truly democratic set up. China is the only country on this planet which has problems with all neighbours, from Far East to down south. The differences with Russia have been largely settled without any altercation as China considered them decisively superior in might. The Russian example of China proves beyond any doubt that might and might alone be able to stop war. The nuclear threat so often propounded by North Korea and our great neighbour Pakistan is only an exercise in cynicism resorted to by rogue regimes and not by the responsible ones. The international politics are such that weak nation has no respect or voice. There are no permanent friends and foes in international scenario. National interest is the only yardstick for relations. Only might matters. Mighty nations have time and again indulged in wars against weak regimes; in the name of facilitating justice or for oppressing the so called oppressor. As a tool of destruction, war has resulted in nemesis of civilizations and genesis of new orders instead. There does not seem to be any imminent probability of war of any large scale except for occasional and localized skirmish. However, getting strong and ready to fight is the only befitting defense and shield against war.

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