I too mean business:

As do many, I too like to mean business, business whatever and whichever way it is meant. They also serve who stand and wait, said Milton and that way it leaves no ground for an escape. I once saw an old man, frail,weak and crippled, plucking grass roots in Golden Temple at Amritsar striving hard at his best to keep the Gurudwara clean and on the very face of it he had a bright smile on his face as a matter of great satiation leaving an impression of a divine peace to the onlookers in the campus.Twitter for Business


3 thoughts on “I too mean business:”

  1. Sir my father was .Armed security guard in State bank of India branch ramnagar when he finished his duty from bank and he returned to Home unfournattaly he drived Scooty but scooty skidded from road and fell into river .and he died on spot ..He was appointed in bank.4 APRIL.2010……sir .plz tell me can any provision we got JOB in state Bank of india
    .sir.My phone. No. 9796462250..plz call me sir plz help me ..


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