The real India is here?

india image‘There is no time to stay and stare”, said Lord Kipling and that’s because of every day growing population of India which the country is just facing and may be it grows worse in days to com. In our puraans (epics) there is already a warning signal that some day India may collapse because of awefully overpopulous a country with the Earth unable to bear the burden. Some brand it as something catastrophic and there are some who smell a Doom’s Day in it. Possibly it is the time for India to fall in line with China who brought certain legislations to curb this menace of overpopulation.

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5 thoughts on “The real India is here?

  1. I wonder when we shall understand this menace.
    Our PM seems to take it as a pride whenever he tells “Ooooh mere savase corod des wasiyon” 😂
    OMG! Who has to understand it after all…..
    The image is Wonderful and Amazing👌
    Let us not take the liberty of saying that it is Beautiful.😃



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  2. Admitting the paramount importance of checking our population demographers and development experts will surely remember that quality of life is as important
    With science and technology making great strides we can look towards a future where humankind will be replaced by an entirely different species the same way that homo sapien evolved out of the ape family


  3. Further it sounds now in this century we have to think more about the way to face the remaining challemges before homo sapien(having already successfully met the earlier challenges(from a global view point and not from a particular nation’s view point)like famine,epidemics and disease.These are :-conquer death,and achieve divinity


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