She was a poetess too:

late summer sleepy hallow farm. to the Ozarks in the fall, would love to visit Vermont in the fall and winter. I have seen so many wonderful scenery pics, and Christmas cards depicting Vermont, that I would really enjoy touring it for all the seasons.Heart throb of millions of people Meena Kumari, the great film artist of Indian cinema, was a great poetess too. She wrote innumerable poems and was applauded every where. But for her masterpiece performance in films, she could have been much greater a poet in line with other stalwarts of the day like Kamal Amrohi. Her contributions in the field were enormously profuse but confined to a narro convass in the absence of the requisite publicity. She is proudly remembered for her composition running like this:

Jalti bujhti si roshni ki tarah

Simta simta sa ek makan tanha,

Yaad karta rahega sadiyon tak

Chhor jaayenge ye makan tanha.



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