Lord Buddha, the Enlightened:

Lord Buddha, say Lord Buddha, the Enlightened, hardly ever talked of the God, the reason being, some historians say, that he himself was a God which factor several others deny but there could hardly be any doubt that He was a Divine Soul. For long 30 years he lived a royal life before he renounced all royal luxuries opting to lead the life of a recluse resorting only to beggings as his alms. His followers were known as bhikshu (beggers) to partially satiate their hunger as Bauddha Dharm didn’t permit them to take full meals. Qeen Yashodhara asked Rahul, her son the heir apparent to the royal legacy, to go and ask Lord Buddha to nominate him as his successor to run the royal state  but what transpired was that he showed him his robes as a beggar meaning thereby that then onwards Rahul too had to resort to a beggarhood falling in line with his father adopting Bhikshu Dharm. Yashodhara swooned on getting the news.      Buddha_thumb.jpg

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