Mirabai.jpgWhat a kind of a love Mirabai had with Lord Krishna?

She had an imagination, an imagination that was translated by her into a reality, she used to embrace Lord Krishna’s Deity dancing around it lost in deep sort of love for Him for hours together. What sort of love it was that kept her lost into His thoughts that led her relinquishing the thirst and the hunger for days together all the time chanting mere to Girdhar Gopal doosro na koi. King Akbar sought her audience along with Taansen both in a disguise but the meet was a flop as she didn’t pay them any attention lost as she was in a brood over the Lord all the time. Tulsidas tried to mobilise her to get back to her royal comforts without volunteerily relinquishing them to lead a life of a recluse. It went all in vain. At one stage she tried to commit suicide by drowning frustrated as she found herself in her pursuits to love the Lord Krishna. She was rescued somehow. Some historians branded her as insane and abnormal unable as they were to measure her love for the Lord. May be they were the aerial viewers not capable of venturing to measure the depth of the Love for the unseen. Anne Besant was correct when she said that Mirabai’s was unconditionally a divinely committed case of love.

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