Shylocks operating in the share market–Beware of them!

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There are common people who have to resort to share trading to supplement their source of sustentation but they are hardly ever aware that this option of theirs is leading them to a den of wild vultures, the brokers as they are called, as their prey. The modus operandi adopted by them in the matter of their accounts is so grotesque that no common man is able to decode the same in a legible term. They are dexterous enough to keep their statistical data just so clean on the surface that it is far beyond any comprehension by an outsider including share traders. The laymen as most of the traders are they just can’t afford to unfold the intricacies and all this taken in its totality it results into making a rich broker much richer at the cost of the traders. The bumper ads released by them are quite silky and the traders are normally prone to take them on their face value getting allured with the gimmics so played by them hoodwinking their customers like a pick pocket does. The problem is that the otherwise badly laden with anxiety and concern on involving their money in the gamble, the traders are hardly left with an alternative against such a ghastly loot on the part of the brokers. Their option is confined only to an alert and precaution to the extent they can afford in thoroughly checking their individual deals. They must apply due care with an eagle’s eye to save their investment against a well manoevred onslaught at the hands of the brokers.

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