Obstructing the chain of thoughts:

Milky_Way_galaxy_sun05space3Engrossed in your work with a pensive thought it’s a tumultuous jolt to you if you get confronted with some hurdle or the other in the form of an obstacle. It is so annoying and irritating as if you had to incur a heavy loss with your mental faculties going astray like dry leaves wantonly flying helter skelter melting in the dust. Such a phase of life is like a Samadhi where one enters a circumference bordering unconsciousness bereft of any thing sordid. Any mode of thought process, a Divine mode or some business pursuits, none likes to be detracted to noise and uneasy utterances sans a normality. A chain of thoughts with Divine orientation or some business perception hardly tolerates hoarse voices in their close vicinity –the reason being a deep chain of thoughts never tolerates even a minor intrusion to their pursuit  and that is what is denotative of the kind of what a person thinks –it could be Divine, it could be sordid too.

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2 thoughts on “Obstructing the chain of thoughts:

    1. My sincere thanks. John Milton, the great poet, became blind as a result of onerous work he did since early morning till midnight. He was too frustrated and wrote ‘PARADISE LOST’ In course of time he reconciled to a normal position and became hale and hearty as he had the great WILL power. He again wrote another book ‘PARADISE REGAINED’. I wish you also to regain the same power and strength to successfully combat the struggles of life. ALL THE BEST. neelkanth.

      PS:This is from a blog post I wrote exclusively for you to be published shortly.


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