This amounts to cheating!

images (1)There is a mushrooming growth of brokers in the share market of India and they are the ones fed fat on sucking the blood of the innocent traders in shares. They release silky ads to attract more and more of such traders projecting false images of theirs with plenty of offers and assurances to lure as bigger as possible a number of customers in their fold. Their greed for money is as big as a mountain bothering the least for the interest of the customers. They boast of offering new demat accounts fully operable within an hour but what follows after they receive the requisite money from the customers is raising flimsy and irrelevant grounds on delaying the proposal on some false pretext or the other as against finalising the same peremptorily. Dozens of the people come to me with the grievance of getting duped by such brokers and I am yet to make out a full fledged case for them to be taken up with the Government. In the meantime my advice to them is to generate necessary awareness in the masses to see that the traders in stocks keep themselves fully cautious and not fall into the brokers trap.

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6 thoughts on “This amounts to cheating!

  1. While not exactly what is talked about here. I thought you may be interested in this YT clip?

    Cheers Jamie

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    1. My sincere thanks with regards.


  2. Devraj Panigrahi May 14, 2017 — 10:25 pm

    Really the innocents suffer but for lust & greed for overnight money which no one no govt can stop. Greed can stop itself not by anything. Thanks for the nice writing.

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  3. My sincere thanks, Panigrahi. Your expressions add to my strength.


  4. Annapurni vishwanath May 15, 2017 — 2:43 pm

    Even the banks are party to this. They have reduced interest on fixed deposits by more than 3% in the last ten years,forcing senior citizens to invest in shares/mutual funds.


  5. The banks are also party to this game.They have reduced fixed deposit interest rates by over 3% in the last ten years,forcing senior citizens to invest their hard earned money in stocks/mutual funds to get better interest rates.


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