Pension issues–Hail the silver line manifest on the scene:


The powers that be agreeing to several of the demands raised for and on behalf of the retiree pensioners is a historical event and it is quite expected that their implementation woud’nt take much time. You may get a detailed circular on the matter as from the quarters concerned who negotiated the settlement so dexterously. As per a message released by KR Saini, the one who worked day and night to foster the great task, necessary agreement is since reached. The copy of his message follows separately.

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5 thoughts on “Pension issues–Hail the silver line manifest on the scene:

  1. Devraj Panigrahi April 22, 2017 — 10:25 pm

    It has finally thanks to all those worked for it but sply to you & to mr. Saini for it.god bless u both with good health to take up other pendings,primarily family pension.don’t take up ‘no ceiling’ issue,till family pension is settled.

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  2. My sincere most thanks. You too and thousands of other retirees count much for the great solidarity shown by them.


  3. JITENDRA KUMAR MISHRA April 24, 2017 — 8:30 pm

    A lot of thanks for achievements.


  4. Any improvement in family pension of sbi.


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