ShakespearReal world, unreal world and several other worlds not seen nor known by us till now are there and there is side by side to them the world of supernaturals who play most vital a role in all his works both prose and poetry including his sonnets. The role so dominantly played by them is more or less the same as the one played by rustics of Thomas Hardy in his works. Coming to the very title of this post ‘Who keeps awake in the midnight?’ I give a small narrative of story. Kalidas, a great Sanskrit poet and writer, was a chronic wanderer moving from place to place in interiors with a choice that his night stay should be some desolately abandoned place. Place arranged but the locals warned him that no body who  stayed here in the past never returned alive. Why and what for? was the question eliciting the reply that there lives a giant ghost who asks some question to the visitor and if not replied to his satisfaction, kalidasthe ghost kills the visitor on the spot.Kalidas stuck to his choice and did stay there.Around midnight there was a heavy knock at the door and it was Kalidas who got up and opened the gate seeing the ghost face to face. The giant ghost thundered and raised the question “Does time ever stop”.Yes, it does, was the answer by Kalidas. He further said ‘When a lover couple reach the pinnacle of ecstasy in love, every thing stops and the time too’. The ghost disappeared saying ‘God bless you’.

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