Bad money drives good money out of circulation:

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Be it Malthusian theory in economics or any other theory else where they hardly get erased from the public memory, more so in the case of political leaders irrespective of as to which party they belong to. Isn’t it damn easy to go by imitations? But quality lies with the fine tuning the respective masters can afford to manage. Modi, the Prime Minister, is known well for doing necessary home work before jumping to the fray on any front. One can hardly draw an idea like the monetary restrictions coupled with other measures already spelt out by the Prime Minister but it looks like an action taken too much in a hurry. To check black money, the answer is not this as there are ample administrative measures available as pertinent option. This gives a chance to opposition to gherao the Prime Minister calling him names. They are already voicing loud that this is a weak action and it lacks a matured statesmanship and public as a whole would have to suffer in many ways.

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4 thoughts on “Bad money drives good money out of circulation:

  1. The idea is not merely to curb black money,but also countering the huge amount of fake currency notes in circulation,mainly circulated by Pakistan.The PM has taken a wright decision in the wright time.Blaming him for every thing has become order of the day for apposition political parties. When such economic reforms are taken, citizens of the country will have to face some difficulties,but they have to bear it in the interest of country’progress.I am a no party man ,please don’t try to brand me as a BJP sympathiser.

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    1. Thank you very much.

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  3. sir you are well qualified and social human being this is well thought action. the people may suffer for only few days. once the things stabilised you will see the results, black money hoarders. realestate and fake currecy are the only sufferers general masses are happy . political parties who spend for MLA elction. rs 5 crores and MP ELECTION FOR rs 15 crores have been clean bowled you will agree on this.


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