The root cause of troubles?


Here, there and every where, there are troubles and troubles with no limit causing problems not only to the humans but equally any live being on the globe. This has been a topmost item on agenda of great intellectuals knowing fully well that this runs in association with the eternity that has no end. Count Leo Tolstoy, the great writer and author of ‘Anna Kerenina’, a novel recognised as one of the ten best novels in the world. The book is based on a love theme remotely indicating reflections of his own married life. He opined on a topic “Why there is trouble in the world” mentioning that it is ‘Love’ that is the root cause of troubles every where and he stuck to observation as such all his life. His version could be correct if not fully at least partly as there have been other people who too frugally endorsed him saying ‘…..’Is jahaan me teen saarey khurafaat ki jad hain –zar, zan, jamein’  (three things –money, woman and land are in the root of every trouble). The whole theme like this is an eternal matter and it is the one that would continue till the universe ends. Humans can satisfy themselves by talking amongst themselves but none can go beyond that.


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