You too owe them your blood:

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As a part of any trade union you are a successor to those who shed their blood in virtual terms to secure the very basic rights you are enjoying now and to keep the legacy as such you too are required to keep the same spirit while combating against the hawks of the management. It was America where 4 leaders of the workforce were hanged to death for the reason that they raised voice on having fixed working hours as against unlimited as was the practice that time. In India too the conditions were the worst with several atrocities. The trade union scenario every where in India is in a limping mode and worst it is in Banking sector. It is time for the trade unions and their leaders to wake up coming out of their deep slumber. A revolution is the dire need.


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4 thoughts on “You too owe them your blood:

  1. Even society enjoys what has been won by them …


  2. This situation arose because,in banking industry, the trade union movement started developing on the wrong direction in early 1970s.
    Instead of protecting the employees from the Bank management for victimisation,they encouraged rowdyism in banks,and protected those who indulged in rowdyism and goondaism.Organaisational elections fought on caste,and unethical basis.The officers were harassed by union people.Then came officers association,but again the same story.They also no different.They recommended for transfer officers who did not toe with them,harassed honest officers and supported corrupt officers who have fall in line with them.T he officers were compelled to collect donations for association from advance oriented branches.I my self was victimised by staff union for being a banks witness in a assault case of branch manager by a clerk,and as officer I did not join the wrongful demonstration and agitation of officers association ,carried out against honest officers/to protect corrupt officials.The officers association was active only during annual transfer of officers,and on off season to protect dishonest /corrupt officers.
    Further cheating of employees/officers started by way of signing the wage revision settlements ,throwing interest of members to achieve their own interest/pecuniary obligations from Bank/GOI as had happened in the case of 7 the bipartite wage settlement.
    Now how can we expect a strong trade union?

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    1. I honour the views contained in your narrative but the whole scenario has to be gone through in its totality. There are several posts in this blog dealing with the background and other part of the history. You may please see them through search and I shall be glad if you give me your reaction on the subject for the advantage of the readers. I am also releasing an exclusive post on this blog quoting your comment under reference.


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