Pension Issues–developments:

I received a message on date as from one of the activists Rakesh Kumar Saxena the contents of which are yet to be authenticated but the same is reproduced here for the information of the pensioners, the retirees and the readers in general. They may apply their own sources for securing the authenticity on the issue. We shall be releasing necessary message to you all after the news is finally confirmed or it is the other way round.

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Rakesh Kumar Saxena

October 13 at 12:28pm

This msg has been confirmed by Sri K P Rao ex GM . You can trust. [?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?] A Writ Petition filed 22/08/2016 by a group of SBI Pensioners in Delhi HC. WP admitted on 14/09/2016, with No 8085/2016. Relief claimed: (1) uniformly to all 50% of avg of last 12 months pay as pension (2) DA at qly intervals as paid to serving employees (3) periodical revision of pension with every salary revision (4) family pension @ 30% (min). Grant of all these reliefs within powers of Bank’s Board & no sanction of GoI required. WP prepared on basis of various SC & HC judgments, consultation with Sr advocates & reference to Pension Fund Rules & Regulations. About Rs. 9 lacs contributed by several Pensioners (including former Chairmen/MDs). Rs. 4.75 lacs spent till admission of WP. Much more money required. Appeal to all Pensioners & serving employees to contribute as much as they can, BUT REQUEST FOR MINIMUM OF Rs. 1,000/-. Contributions be remitted to Current Account No. 3520438380854 opened in names of Rajesh Rai, MMK Sardana & Umesh Sharma at Jagriti Vihar Branch, Meerut: Code:16607. IFS Code: SBIN0016607. After remitting contributions please SMS Umesh Sharma on 8979199558 giving details of name of remitter, city residing in, amount remitted & branch from where remitted. Details could also be mailed Details of WP & references posted on Team Meerut’s Facebook page. WP initiated by PPR Upadhyaya, Retd GM of Bangalore Circle now settled in Mysore. This WP different from one filed by Pensioners’ Federation many years ago before same HC. Latter has asked for only 50% of pay as pension and they made GoI made a party by which is not required. Please confirm it’s genuineness”

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3 thoughts on “Pension Issues–developments:

  1. Comments by Shripad Gudi, Bengaluru. I am one of the Group of Pensioners (GOP), closely associated with Shri P.P.R. Upadhyaya. A joint current account opened under No.35736023284 with Vijayanagar (Bengaluru) Branch name Shri M. Ravindranath (jointly with Shripad N. Gudi and Shri P.S. Vernekar) SBIN0007985. For details please contact Shripad Gudi either on phone 9535279932 land line 08023586807 or

    It has been felt necessary to enlist the services of senior lawyers for early disposal of the case. As the fees charged by the senior lawyers is very high, on behalf of the GOP, I request the SBI Pensioner friends to support this common cause and remit their contributions to any one of the accounts maintained with either Meerut or Vijayanagar Branches.

    The message is correct subject one small correction. The correct number of the writ petition is Writ Petition (Civil) 8095 of 2016 and not 8085 as mentioned. The writ was admitted on 16th September, 2016.


  2. we will fight,we will fight, till we succeed we will fight


    1. *My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support.*

      [image: –]

      neelkanth neek [image:


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