Money is the need for every one no doubt but it is also the cause number one for miseries engulfing big chunks of humans. Poor people are there in plenty in our county still but gone are the days when poverty was at the extreme for dearth of resources. Soaring prices continue to go up sky high. Whom to blame for this is a different matter but living standard of even a commonest possible person only gives an impression that it has really gone up much much bigger compared to what was there a few decades back.You go to a mall and see the huge crowd of buyers, you go to a restaurant there is no space available to sit any where. So is the situation in all cinema halls and worst it is in the case medicos who are earning lakhs of rupees for their service they give to their patients for which they spare only a couple of minutes. I have seen rickshapullers, masons, dhobees, maids no more going to medium lever doctors but the biggies who charge 400-500 rupees per patient and the queues continue on their clinic till mid night. One can see any where that a maid servant goes to the house where she works travelling to and fro by scooty, scooter or motor bike. It is their money besides others that is pumped in the market channels and that is the root of soaring prices. If such a scenario goes on unchecked, the country as a whole gets closure to a Doom’s day.

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  1. Comrade, I have to appreciate Shri Neelkanth for this article. This is a scene prevailing every where around the world. Have’s & Haven’ts- The wealth of the world is not shared by all equally. One section with muscle power/money power/narrow shortcut & out of the way dealings could swindle common wealth or rob others.

    Money needs power and power needs money, both for its continuous sail. Those voice for common man could hardly succeed.
    This is right from the early history of human beings.
    Let us resolve to help others, always & at all times, as possible as we can.
    Let us be kind enough when people in the lower ladder of economy struggle for come up.
    Let us extend our warm helping hand to those who are in a very poor state.
    Let me thank Shri Neelkanth for his social outlook.
    He has headlined this article more the money, more the miseries. In order to check the miseries, everyone should resolve not to be carried away/misled by wrong ideologies. We have to follow the moral/ethics which we learn from our school days.
    Let us be good to others ; But it is not enough;
    Let us be bold to oppose when some one is anti social as the great Tamil Poet BHARATHIAR said in his songs against the BRITISH GOVT.
    MONEY MAKES MANY THINGS-but all are not good.


    1. My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support. Your expressions are so meaningful required to be adhered to by all. I wish the readers follow them in in their proper spirit. Thanks again with Dussehra greetings.


  2. Sir, money symbolizes resources, pelf or by whatever name it may be. Miseries may or may not be caused by them, as a matter of rule. There can be no absolute opinion in this regard. Our culture has had both – resourceful king Janak and also Maluk Das. Resourcefulness could not infect the pious soul of king Janak. It is state of one’s thinking that makes one’s character and persona. Miseries which are three dimensional viz. daihik, daivik & bhautik, are often taken for daihik only and that this type misery is associated with money is not complete analysis of the malaise. Bhoga (consumption) is not a taboo in our system, the only condition is that it should be with Tyaga (detatchment, with dispassion). The famous shloka of Ishavasyopanishad serves the ultimate purpose:
    ईशावास्यं इदóè सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
    तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ॥ १ ॥


    1. My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support. HAPPY DUSSEHRA.Your comment is nice and is capable of inspiring others. Well done.


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