Why the hell one should read me?

thI am a writer writing so much as a journalist knowing no limit and there could hardly be any subject I haven’t touched. For whom? Obviously for sharing sake with the people or say with the like minded people. But how many of them are requisitely serious about their task? Hardly few and far between. There are tricks for every thing and how reading too could be an exception? One of my maternal grandfathers was known well for his interest in books even those in the language not known to him. Once I overheard him advising a visitor that the easy way of finishing a book quickly is to cursorily see the first 2-3 lines of a page and the same number in the bottom. Munshi Premchand was his one of the most favourite authors. Being otherwise a reputed Zamindar what he said was always taken as from Ten Commandments. I as a child then had no guts to ask him whether the reading trick suggested by him applied to a legend like Munshi Premchand’s books too. In my college the Chief Librarian controlling and monitoring the huge library of the college and all had a great regard for him as a very learned person. Any body entering his chamber invariably found him deeply involved in reading some book or the other. Was he really that serious? No, he was really not. He himself shared the secret of it while addressing a gathering. As he disclosed, he said that he was not at all serious but he did the exercise to leave an impression on the visitors particularly the students that one should develop himself to the level of an omnivorous reader. Coming to the readers of a blog, more of them are the result of mobilising them and those doing it at their own are only a limited number. The ideal situation is that the readers have to be committed readers with a scholarly pursuit.



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2 thoughts on “Why the hell one should read me?

  1. Whenever I visit a public library at my town Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, I have seen the librarian complaining to some one about her tough job. What she does normally, is 1) taking book card from the book selected and insert it in the library token card.2)Entering the date of return on the book’s front inner page. Normally 2 weeks time is allowed. So the date of return marked on a day in all books is the same- 14 days from the day of lending.
    I out of curiosity asked, Madam, in your library you have wonderful new books. You are fortunate that you can read all and enjoy reading. She stared and told , No No. I won’t waste my time. Reading is pleasure. But not for all.

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