Human relations in State Bank of India–Serving unions to come out with cudgels:

State BankShort Post:

Not very long ago there was a time when State Bank of India had a top rank reputation on industrial relations front and now it is just the reverse with the result that the workforce both in service and outside as retiree pensioners are forced to virtually lick the dust disgusted and frustrated. Another major issue is that of compassionate appointment. In fact it was very much obtaining in State Bank of India for several decades unless it was unilaterally withdrawn by the bank in most callous an order. Unfortunately this is an area which should have been taken up with a bigger role to restore this welfare area. Pensioners Unions and Federations say they are trying their best but the results show that there is nothing tangible in the matter as yet. The concerned aggrieved persons are just groaning helplessly. The situation demands that the serving unions and federations extend their helping hand with real militancy and that may surely take care of the malady.

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4 thoughts on “Human relations in State Bank of India–Serving unions to come out with cudgels:

  1. If serving employees of award and officers fedaration launch an agitation program,and if required even use strike weapon ,the powers that be will definitely budge.But of late the trade unions have become as ornamental value and even they don’t have any say in the wage revision and pension matters.For reasons best known to them,they are helpless lot.


  2. I have seen that after globalization, labour forces, in all sectors, are being weakened. For that, there are many reasons- Govt follows IMF/world bank dictates. In corporate companies, hire and fire policy is the order of the day. New pension policy comes in to existence. Survival has become a biggest question for all. Mechanization and modernization takes away not only the privileges enjoyed so far. it carries away the job itself. One side, this is the reality. On the
    other side, those who want to turn aside this precarious situation are many steps far away to build up the labour force and strength the struggle. But the struggle will continue till right persons come. when? I am afraid, no body has any answer




  4. Sir, actually, every field has been taken over by self serving (selfish) people in a finely carved nomenclature, called professionalism. Trade union representatives are enjoying privileges attendant to their offices / positions quite oblivious of the issues and sufferings of the membership. Also, members are no less wise. They, at times, surpass their representatives in the fine art of professionalism. The so called liberalization and globalization have come as a handy excuse for their ineffectiveness. Despite all and tall rhetoric nothing seems to happen. Beautifully drafted / crafted letters are being shot at the powers that be and circulated down line for the consumption of the membership.Sir, however, seasons are not always the same. As the law of nature goes, after the present season of autumn the spring is scheduled to set in. We wait for the messiah, may be he comes!


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