They kill us for their sports!

Small post:



As flies to wanton the boys

So are we to Gods

They kill us

For their sports

It was not for nothing that Shakespeare penned the above lines –he in fact gave a clear message that those who are saddling the power do suffer from the propensity of harming others –be they the common people, workforce or any group of persons engaged in various tasks, needless to say that they include the workforce in Banking Industry in the country and are now the retirees besides a big number of them in the pipeline. The topic warrants a big narrative in the matter but is not considered relevant at the moment. What is more important is the attitude of the Government of India and bully bankers who are not prepared to lend their ears to hear their grievances, nay agonies, even after an abnormal lapse of time. Surprisingly the Law Courts too belong to the same citadel. Long back the Supreme Court of India ordered consolidation of numerous cases and they asked them to clinch the employees/pensioners’ grievances peremptorily. Nothing tangible occurred, the time frame allotted for the purpose was just ignored with the petition roving from Bench to Bench. New Bench with different judges was formed giving it the color of priority by fixing the hearing on day today basis. Now the tremendous shock that is let loose is to the effect that the next hearing is fixed at the end of 1st week of November’2016. Historically people in the workforce have to remind themselves of Britishers ruling India when their forefathers were recognised just as their subjects (Ghulaams) and nothing beyond that.

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3 thoughts on “They kill us for their sports!

  1. V.S. Goplakrishnan September 17, 2016 — 12:47 pm

    You have reflected the feelings, helplessness and tension experienced by thousands of aged souls who are the victims of the apathy, in difference and, to tell the exact position, arrogance of the Bank, Government, and, shockingly, the serving staff and officers Federation and, of course the Pensioners Federation, who do not even care to inform the members the exact position of the court case. It is a fact, though unpleasant, that most of the pensioners, especially the 7th bipartite retirees who are on the wrong side of 70s, have reconciled that they are not going to get anything in their life time.


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    1. *My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support.*

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      neelkanth neek [image:


  2. My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support.


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