The lids that overflow with tears:

sadimages (5)Who bothers for them? Possibly none. They are the abandoned lot in the whole democracy with none around to offer them some succor allowing them to lead a normal life like others do in the country. The hardships are caused to them by none others but the Government of India itself and Banking Industry mainly including State Bank of India. I am referring to the plights of the retirees from giant Bank of the country State Bank where this issue is pending for the last two decades with the result that the pensioners are hankering for some relief as their pension amount is too low incapable of necessary sustentation of self and their family. The problem continues hovering around Government of India, the courts including Supreme Court and State Bank. Parliament of the country is all out preparing itself to raise the monthly emoluments of the so called less paid Members of the Parliament. The tearful face and a visibly a depressed look of the aggrieved man both can well be seen on the two pictures in the beginning of this post. These pictures are the real ones telling the whole world what could be the amount of their sufferings. Besides pension issue, the issue of compassionate appointment which was there in State Bank was abruptly withdrawn without any reason or rhyme at the end of the last century. Why such an onslaught let loose terribly against the bank employees. Why political leaders are seen stressing their throat boasting at the top of their voice that ‘ see how best we are doing for the development and welfare of the people’. Is it that pensioners of State Bank of India and the aggrieved ones on account of their bread earner’s death can’t claim their rights as a citizen of the country?. They only cry and weep in the absence of any relief from any side. Compassionate appointment is the dire need of the first order but the issue is callously side tracked. Our question to the Government of India is whether they aim at seeing the retirees particularly those in the wrong side of their age gasping to death. Look ye Government of India and top executives of State Bank, you have no right to gamble with the life of SBI pensioners and the aggrieved claimants for compassionate appoints. The workforce involved has strength enough to fight a do or die battle and you are not allowed to behave yourself the way you are doing.

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4 thoughts on “The lids that overflow with tears:

  1. Lakshmanan Kaveripattinam Vasudevarao September 10, 2016 — 4:26 am

    Forwarded message


  2. This write-up portrays the plight of sbi retirees due to non updation of pension as provided in sbi act 1955. Let us raise as a solid rock to realize our demand.

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    1. My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support.


  3. Dear Sir, I need details of gratuity ceiling enhancement cases demanding effect from 1.1.2006 for bank employees also as applied to central govt employees. I could not get details of cases and its status. I am eager to see the details.

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