Lord Buddha’s caste (Ref:Earlier post “Which caste Lord Buddha belonged to?”:

images (5) When I wrote “Which caste Lord Buddha belong to” this became a matter of rage with a tremendous response as from the readers all over the world and since then there is continuous upsurge going on with most voluminous comments. Some of the comments are greatly meaningful like the one from Ravi Shakya bringing out sumptuous material to the topic. I thought this one could equally be of interest to the readers and others. With that end in view his detailed comment is reproduced here:

According to Hindus, Prince Siddhartha born in Kshatriya family but when he became Buddha after that he taught Brahmins and others so he is also a Brahmin. Then Son of Buddha(Rahula) was a Brahmin so whole Shakyas should come in Brahmins but that’s a not truth only same peoples write Brahmins.The right thing is actually nobody can tell exact caste of Lord Buddha. According to Indian mentality , i am going to tell you a truth, Shakya Caste is the only caste in this world who gave a very large religion to the world, this religion is not have in India only whole world are following, i want to tell you some truth……. Shakya people form a strong caste and community in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar and some Shakyas are also live in Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore etc.
In Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore etc they all are Buddhism Guru or Brahmins.
In Nepal, Shakya caste is mostly Buddhist. Even though they are a Kshatriya caste in Hinduism, in Buddhism they are equivalent to Brahmin caste because of their role as priests in Buddhism.
In Tibet, Shakya are Buddhist Brahmin caste or Priests.
In Myanmar, Shakyans are descentants of the legendary King Abhiraja Shakya. Abhiraja Shakya belonged to the ruling Shakya Dynasty of India/Nepal. He migrated to the present-day Burma after the annexation of the Shakya kingdom by Kosala and established the Kingdom of Taguang.
In Sri Lanka, Shakya caste is known as Sinhalese, which was the ruling dynasty of Sri Lanka. Descendant of Buddha’s cousin Pandu Shakya was King Pandukabhaya who established the Kingdom of Anuradhapura which lasted more than 600 years. Sinhalese is the national language of Sri Lanka and Sinhalese people are a majority, forming the ruling political party.
so Now, i am coming to the point so please don’t compare with caste of Lord Buddha, he was the only person who gave peace to whole world from the caste and some others things…

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2 thoughts on “Lord Buddha’s caste (Ref:Earlier post “Which caste Lord Buddha belonged to?”:

  1. Sir, what an astonishing and agonizing truth it is that the man who denounced the material luxuries and charted the path of salvation not only for himself but more than that, taught it to whole of the mankind, has been subjected to the scrutiny of the caste he belonged to. Coming from a Kshatriya royal family, he successfully challenged Brahminic order which had become infected with many vices, only to be again challenged by a Brahmin, Acharya Shankara in a logical manner. Despite Lord Buddha having denounced Brahminic order, what a great tolerance this order has exhibited – declared him as incarnation of Lord Vishnu! It is also said that Kshatriyas princes – be it in the name of Jainism or Buddhism, challenged the authority of Brahmins, which is manifest in the conduct of establishing supremacy by these two dominant factions of Indian social order, even in today’s India. Questions have been raised on the ahimsa related teachings of Buddhism as it is to some extent (as one school of thought believes) to credit for many debacles in our history because they not only dissuaded people from war – an essential ingredient for establishing, increasing and maintaining the state, some times they also sided with invaders against Indian states. However, that is an altogether different topic and, to my opinion, great personalities who have risen above such inhibitions, should not be subjected to such entanglements. Regards.


    1. *My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your tangibly positive support. This write-up of yours is a masterpiece.My thanks to you also for contributing a big chunk of knowledge to the readers of this blog. Greetings with love and affection.*

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