If Yoga should be done regularly?

images (5)This is a question raised by a contributor of TWOO Shyamala. Question is a simple one but it is highly meaningful as there are many who just exercise Yoga in a casual manner which habit hardly extends the requisite benefits. Instead it may cause harm to the physical system. Yoga exercises accordingly require to be done with a regulated discipline. Those who need relaxation after some exercise can very well take the benefit of Shavasan, a mudra exclusively meant for relaxation in Yoga.

Yoga exercises are to be resorted to in a compose mode and need not overdo like a gymnast, this has to be done in an atmosphere which is calm and peaceful. Done in a right way it proves to be a boon and if done on cursory and casual footing, it may cause enormous damage. There are many a swamees in India but those really possessing the knowledge and practice of Yoga in a perfect way are rare only –Swami Ram Dev being an exception. He is the one who gave Yoga a rebirth in India expanding this fool proof therapy throughout the world. A thousand salutes to him.


2 thoughts on “If Yoga should be done regularly?”

  1. A nice piece,sir,with one exception that yog doesn’t harmin any manner but may be no beneficial if done wrong. My thanks for the nice analysis.


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