Compassion based employment and pension issues:

It is a gigantic task to handle an ocean of huge emails and telephone calls in hundreds every day at my officeunity to be responded. The very view of the aggrieved ones flashing before my eyes causes me pain and groans with excruciating  uneasiness. Mostly they are on pension issues and compassionate appointments in banks particularly State Bank of India. Since these issues are pending at the level of Government and State Bank of India for quite a long time the aggrieved persons are now feeling terribly restive and at times they nurture a thought that the leaders involved in sorting out the problems are not throwing their full  weight. They are wrong but are not prepared to take the reality to themselves. Government of India is not a paan shop nor State Bank is a small fry and theirs is a giant stature capable enough to support their negatives.Courts of the land have a deep prejudice against the bank men falling in line with the Government bluntly forgetting that bank employees too equally belong to the land and it is they who generate a Government and bear their burden. Courts no more consist of ‘Daniels’. Politics is gradually  creeping there to make the inroads of their convenience. It’s time for the retirees, pensioners, aggrieved employees, who lost their bread earner during service, to harness themselves to the martyrdom. They are wrong if they nourish a misunderstanding that some one out of the crowd would suddenly appear as a flash like Prof. Balthasar (Portia) in Merchant of Venice. Leaders, members, activists and all concerned will have to rise to the occasion with a formidable strength to shake even Himalayas. ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached’ said Vibekanand.

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4 thoughts on “Compassion based employment and pension issues:

  1. Devraj Panigrahi August 24, 2016 — 4:17 pm

    What a nice piece of advice & reprimand.cute & accurate.enmass rise,mobility & approach is the solution,as posted by you.blame on others won’t get results nor waiting somethings may nice a piece of thanks.


    1. My sincere most thanks for a beautiful piece of message. With affection.


  2. In this age of charlatans and moneymongers compassion,broadmindedness have become a misnomer.Judicial wisdom has given place to chicanry.Monumental decisions of judiciary are a rare commodity.Quantity has taken over quality Administrative independance is a bygone quality.We are in mire of chiconry.God save us


    1. My sincere most thanks for a nice message.

      [image: –]

      neelkanth neek [image:


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