Free stylers–reasons for them have no meaning:

My Diary:

I received a telephone call the other day from one of the readers of this blog asking me as to what has happened in regard to –

  • Pension issues in State Bank of India and
  • Compassionate appointments in Banking industry

I explained to him in detail as to why there is no requisite outcome in regard to both the problems and that what are the reasons of delay. Initially he was polite and soft in his talks but he lost his cool when I told him that like others he too may have to wait till the anomalies and the problems in the matter are sorted out by the top channels in the Government and the banks through IBA (Indian Banks Association) besides Delhi High Court who have since transferred the issues relating to Pension to a new bench of judges. About compassionate appointment too I explained to him the scenario in detail including the very history of it right from Bank of Bengal days. Highly annoyed with what I told him politely, he got badly annoyed replying to me saying ‘I have nothing to do with all that you have said. I want results only and not false assurances. You leaders give assurances only like our Prime Minister Modi ji does. I think we should have a Morcha platform against our leaders and not the Government nor State Bank. Talks ended at this point and I felt aghast on how the people rate our efforts made indefatigably. The very question that still haunts  my mind is after all there is a limit for every thing and so applies to patience on the part of the leaders too.

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1 thought on “Free stylers–reasons for them have no meaning:

  1. Kedar Nath Agrawal August 18, 2016 — 11:36 am

    Sir, I beg your pardon on behalf of that Non-sense Phone Caller. This is Highly injustice with you. Neither you are paid member of anyone Nor you are responsible for any Pension Association Job. You are just using your wisdom and talent to help the poor SBI Pensioners for which the SBI Federation is responsible. I am sure that for these people in mass in our SBI Industry the Association and overall the Institution is going Back day by day. If the SBI Industry employees were so much well behaved we presume must be then such type of situation in SBI has not been happened. Most of employee are not well behaved and are not thinking for future They are highly with vested interest only to which I have quoted in my Independence Day thought also. Doing nothing and made responsible only to the Association People is not valid. I personally felt this point and wrote to the Respected Modi Ji regarding Pensioners Poor position. My letter was transferred to Chairman office and then LHO Lucknow. From LHO Lucknow I got reply from Manger HR that what I had to pursue then I have to come forward Via Association path Now because of I have found the ground after Reply, I am thinking to File a Suit in the Supreme Court of India as PLI as well as personnel basis, asking court whether a citizen of India have no personal standing without Association and why the Government and SBI is befooling to the Pensioners and specially the Old Pensioners. I am plannning to do it soon and will also meet you after your approval before making a final Drafting. I again beg your pardon on behalf of that highly Foolish and useless phone caller..

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