Greetings on India’s Independence Day

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wish you all a very very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

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5 thoughts on “Greetings on India’s Independence Day

  1. Kedar Nath Agrawal August 15, 2016 — 5:04 pm

    Greetings on 70th Independence Day. Think we were Most Powerful in World. Due to our Mental defeat and thinking our vested interest first and Nation afterwards we live a long time as slave with lot of Muslim kings and British Rulings. Still we are somehow not fully free from the fearful attitude against corruption and corrupt peoples. Change of Mental attitude and this vested interest nature to be changed as soon as possible for a Brighter India.

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    1. Kedar Nath Agrawal August 16, 2016 — 2:42 pm

      Thank You Sir Awasthi Ji, You are always an Icon for me since 1975. I always pray Maa Vindhyawasini for your good health and more guidance in future.


      1. I feel glad whenever I receive any of your messages/comments. Wish you and the family all the best with love and affection

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        neelkanth neek [image:


  3. Sir, in political terms, of course, we are independent but 69 year journey of independent India, which has unique distinction of having three names, two of which accepted in our Constitution (India i.e. Bharat), has been a case of real tragedy of sorts. The waning national fervour, mushrooming of hypocrites, ready to sell the mother land for any thing that may bring them favour and the rarest breed of self-serving politicians and, to sum up all above, the loss of character in each and every sphere of life, has eclipsed the otherwise not so bad material growth that the country has achieved. Whatever great we are or for that matter, may have been, our history is full of defeats and deceits, not because we were weak or cowards, only because we never had the vision of a nation. Culturally united from north to south, from east to west, in political terms we have always failed. May be some patriots object to but I hold that the British united this otherwise fragmented country. Also it is whites who gave us the infrastructure that we use so proudly. The structures they created even today hold high and the story of those built after our becoming independent, is for all of us to see and lament upon! We have mastered the art of emulating – be it fast food, nudity and the so called multiplicity or transient nature of relations (including marital), the so called character, but the real ingredients of character – honesty, probity, truthfulness, righteousness and patriotism are no where in our agenda of things. With the type of self-inflicting policy we are treading on, if there is any room for our national flag staying afloat for long? Our educational institutions are breeding Macaulay and not Chandragupta, Ashoka or Samudraguptas, always eager and ready to make compromises. God save this country far Thy have taken pains to come and cleanse our system time and again. Forgive us to trouble You but we are such a breed that You always have to come here only and we think that Your coming is good! After all, doctor is needed among sicks and not sounds. Regards.

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