Relevance of media channels:

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In a supersonic age like it is there every thing stands transparently visible, nay exposed, to a naked eye with certain areas much more exceedingly making it difficult at times to differentiate between truth, half truth and an utter lie. Some child throws a pebble in a water pool and reporters from some press or the other are there to cover the news as if there is a bomb blast and the funniest part of it is when a camera man comes across a drowning person asking him as to how he takes the catastrophic event. Ganga barrage in Kanpur (U.P.) is a common sight for such eventualities. No doubt these channels have great role to play in building up the nation providing requisite. health to it in relation to development and overall growth of the country. Facebook sponsorers claim it to be a revolution in itself followed by Twitter. Yes, credit certainly goes to them to broaden much feasible a spectrum of  conversational value facilitating quite smooth a  platform where point to point contacts are just so easy and handy. But it is not that the great plus factors like these don’t suffer from colossal minuses much worse than media in general including news papers and periodical magazines resort to. Most of the print space goes to ads at the cost of the readers. If you are facebook enthusiast, it forms a task for you to get to the relative message straight, you may rather have to run between good morning, good evening, shubh ratri and the like. I wonder as to how people are able to spare hours of precious time in searching this thing and that and how it is that the users don’t keep it for other tasks, positive and with intrinsic worth. If some one goes for updating his/ her photograph in the face book, there is a huge number of people  to recognise the same as if it is a very big event concerning the whole world. No doubt social media is most powerful a tool to promote a climate for people to get closure to each other forming a strong society in in a bigger measure leading requisite missions.

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6 thoughts on “Relevance of media channels:

  1. True.But in India,the media is doing their job otherwise.Most of the electronic media are,miracle mongering,media trail,and reporting of half truth news,and irresponsible reporting etc.They don’t have another moral nor social responsibility.


    1. My sincere thanks with a gratitude I owe you for your positive support.

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  2. Seeing can be believing but even then the eye can lie. Case in point. Thirty years ago while in London. My ex. and I were wandering around the Covent Garden area. It’s now a tourist mecca and surrounded by theatres, etc. There was a street performer, who elevated a person off the ground and had them levitated while lying prone. Yes this person was covered by cloth. Yet the illusionist then ran a hoop, over the elevation to demonstrate the lack of wires or other paraphernalia holding them up. All this while surrounded by an audience in a circle. How was it accomplished? I’ll never know. Yet after being entertained like this with similar illusions. They started to pass the hat around for some gratuity. Only to perform the greatest trick of all. Melting away the audience; who were entertained for free …. Cheers Jamie

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  3. Very glad am I to have received your post. I shall be thankful if you please take it as a routine process with more of posts for benefit to a large number of readers. My sincere regards.


  4. Sir, kudos to you, as always, for taking up an issue which is hugely popular among cross sections of our population. Popularity has taken the shape of obsession and probably hardly for any attendant positive gain. The media which has sprouted like anything, is bombarding unnecessary and largely wasteful material to the viewers. As said in an earlier comment, the electronic media is spreading and strengthening superstition, and hordes of vices and consuming otherwise productive space & time, which, with the spread of education should have receded. It has become a ‘holy’ domain not to be commented upon or questioned by any. There seems to be an urgent need of consolidation and some sort of regulation to see that there is no unhealthy competition for sake of TRP. Those who can, should be judicious in use of social media platforms and should not hesitate to talk about the unusefulness of these media. Awareness and positive education only can cure the malaise. Thanks again for taking up a very pertinent issue. Regards.


    1. The message behind the contents of the post get doubly strengthened with your meaningfully powerful reaction. I am highly thankful to you. It’s after a long time that I have received a write-up from you. With love and affection.


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