State Bank of India on a shaky perch:

State Bank

In its latest avatar as State Bank of India with its predecessor entities like Imperial Bank of India and Bank of Bengal (one of the three Presidency banks in the then British ruled India) it has its own rules of Law to run its administration with its present incumbent as Chairperson Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya committedly, say blindly, following Her Masters voice as from the Government of India even if it bluntly violates the provisions of State Bank of India Act and its various sets of rules for example say pension issues concerning the retirees of the Bank of all cadres. When she took over from her predecessor as Chairman there were cheers all over expecting the ills in the Bank remedied but it was only a delusion. Her predecessor P. Chaudhary was neck deep involved in NPA notoriety in the Bank and Mrs. Bhattacharya failed to do any better. On personnel areas and workforce side, welfare channels were considerably slashed practically putting a curb on compassionate appointments. Window dressings are there here and there but that’s only for name sake without any tangible a surface. It was in later 1960s that Scheme of Compassionate Appointments was introduced by the Bank at my instance and now seeing it gone subdued in administrative manipulations is a painful sight. Like it is a global scenario for countries encroaching upon the land of other countries, the Indian top Bank State Bank too is all out to expand its empire by taking over some bank or the other from time to time with a resolution to adopt as many as possible banks within a year adding quantitative strength to it as qualitative strength is out of question because banks to be taken over are all weak banks themselves unable to stand on their legs –it is their weakness that is to transcend to State Bank and not any plus factor except number. Overall scenario for SBI is in a minus digression.

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2 thoughts on “State Bank of India on a shaky perch:

  1. Nice to see today a meaningful site for SBI pensioners


  2. So near still far away.multiciplicity of groups with egoism.none other than shri.upadhyaya with relentless without selfish approach can
    achieve it.


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