Monarchy Vs democracy:

Swami Daya Nand wrote in his Satyarthprakash that monarchy is at no cost to be tolerated even if democrat rulers ill treat their people. Country is ours and so has to be the governance. Sounds nice but the requisites on this count differ a lot. Our experience of breathing in an independent India for the last 7 decades shows that there is hardly any difference on the part of governance by kings and monarchs and the one by democratically elected people as Members of Parliament. Thousands and thousands of people in the country laid down their life to secure freedom of India and today people even don’t remember them. This doesn’t at all mean that there is any justification in any rule from outside but one thing is very clear that those in saddle currently holding reins in the country should behave themselves. Freedom is dear to us even if it costs our lives but what stops the present government led by Narendra Modi to adequately take care of plights of the masses on several counts. Every time a development is proposed every time there is a new tax levied. If you see the list of ‘cess’ it is increasing every day and the another new on agriculture is in the offing. If all talks on developments are based entirely at the cost of the people, what a hell they are doing from the recurring income the government. The elected representatives being Members of Parliament are greedily in a hurry to get their salary and allowance to a sky high level as if salary increase of 1 lakh+ besides dozens of extra allowances granted to them a few years back was not enough. Freedom at no cost is to be compromised but if democracy is defined as of the people and by the people their grievances are to be redressed  on a peremptory footing lest it becomes terribly difficult to stop the murmurs that administration wise the present government is no better than the erstwhile rajas and maharajas taxing people every now and then as the history says.

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1 thought on “Monarchy Vs democracy:

  1. Democracy little more than mob rule where 51% of the people take away the rights of the other 49%. T. Jeffereson.

    Democracy can and is, manipulated. Monarchy is absurd. That people are born into wealth and land ownership, should not have the automatic right to govern others. Land ownership is also absurd. We are born into this world with fists tightly clenched and we exit with them wide-open.

    Democracy is a method of counting votes, for a candidate. It does not guarantee freedom nor idivuality.
    Cheers Jamie


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