Many a cups many a sips?

images (5)This is a short post away from the routine drudgery of writing on profession topics and this I have to do in response to many a readers who wanted me to pen the way I used to do much earlier. The requisition caused me a lot of confusion as displayed in the caricature ticket shown on the upper corner of this post. Its not that I am abandoning certain topics. This has to be a sort of an assimilation. In fact once you think of some thing like thousands of tiny turns in mind strong enough to confuse you in hundred ways incapacitating you to lead to some definite conclusion. It’s like many a cups and many a sips and the more you attempt the more you go backward. You can neither ignore nor stop trying at all. Milton was very correct when he said ‘MIND IS ITS OWN PLACE AND IT CAN MAKE A HELL OF HEAVEN AND HEAVEN OF HELL. Once a thought is there like a cup of coffee the resultant action that follows is multiple sips and you are lost in to a multiple sips still landing no where. Let there be no cups and no sips but rules of nature don,t permit. This eternal truth applies to life of all, men, animal and small creatures even..

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