Cricket -a boredom, a luxury or some thing creative?

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Every day growing higher and higher in popularity all over the world, the frenzy of the of cricket fans and enthusiasts is at the pinnacle and bound to cross even above that. What could it be in days to come no body knows. Yet there are many who don’t have any fancy for it, they rather take it as a wastage of time. Me too is more or less in line with them and if I disclose such a propensity on my part, the hell is to break at least at the level of my friends circle. Students at the schools and colleges would not go to their schools for the sake of watching the match at home or a friends house in a group enjoying the game concurrently with slogans and dance. Highly unproductive as the game is it fails to generate any acumen to those who are engrossed in some work or the other. It’s a sheer  luxury costing enormously the several other career plans. Except like enjoying a movie it is incapable of delivering any thing tangible to the society. May be what I am talking sounds like I am an iconoclast but as a human in my heart I shall be more happy if the vast amount of money spent in organising these events is redirected to the poor in the county who are terribly hungry, destitutes as they are. Let wastage be turned into a plus factor.


4 thoughts on “Cricket -a boredom, a luxury or some thing creative?”

  1. I for one feel that the aged generally tend to lose interest in this kind of sports. But, I very closely know two very senior gentleman who, in their hay days have played good cricket at the university and club levels and know the finer nuances of the game. One of them, now in his early eighties, likes to watch the game on TV and it is really interesting to listen to his profound and keen observations in A very lucid way.

    Pasand apna apna, khayal apna apna.

    No hard feelings please.


  2. Due to British influence of over a century ago, India has embraced this game. If you come to Canada, it is relegated to areas that Hindu and Punjabi congregate in. Way down the totem pole of popularity, in sport. Which is a little odd, considering the legacy of this country? Cheers Jamie.

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